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The Swan Whisperer of Middlewich

The Swan Whisperer of Middlewich

  Middlewich Guardian: Ryan rescuing one of the swans
  • Middlewich Guardian: John Bishop and Ryan Mottram
 Middlewich Guardian: Flash and Snow eating porridge laid out by Ryan
 Middlewich Guardian: Ryan face-to-face with his swans
Middlewich Guardian: The swan whisperer is recognized by his swans

A MIDDLEWICH wildlife enthusiast, who hopes to become the next Richard Attenborough, says bonding with the animals is the key to a good photo.
As any photographer knows, getting a subject to relax is no easy task but Ryan Mottram has no such issue coming face to face with his swans.
Ryan, of Chester Road, has spent every day for the past four years building a rapport with his best swan friends- Flash and his newly found mate, Snow.
'We are friends for life'
“We are friends for life,” Ryan said. “Every time they see me they call out and I call back to them with my contact call. I can put my face really close to theirs and it’s fine because we’ve bonded and they know me.
“Flash and Snow will always live here, this is their patch. As for the other 50 swans, it’s really unusual because at this time of year they should have already left.”
Known around Middlewich as the ‘swan whisperer’, Ryan has even been given the opportunity to meet John Bishop’s swans.
Ryan added: “I met John’s wife Melanie at the canal and ended up going to her house to see the swans in their pond when I turned around to see John Bishop standing behind me!
"It was really nice to chat to him about day-to-day things, we have a lot in common."
Ryan, 20, often joins his brother Mike who inspired him to become a wildlife photographer and both spend all their free time filming and taking pictures of whatever they can find.
Ryan explained: “We spend most of our time in Middlewich at the woodland, river and canal or in Wales where we go to see the swans there.”
Out of all the wildlife the brothers have discovered over the years, the most unusual is when they saw a flamingo in the canal.
Ryan has also spent time shadowing and helping renowned BBC wildlife filmer and photographer Dave Culley build his tawny owl tower at Sparrowhawk island.
Which you can Watch here at
“It was great, Ryan said. “I was really lucky as it came about from me sending him a tweet. I learnt a lot and he is a real inspiration.” 

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