Saturday, 4 January 2014

Mute Swan Meeting Point - Swan Whisperer and Swans

Mute Swan Meeting Point - Swan Whisperer and Swans

The Swan Whisperer has been very Busy Feeding the Mute swans this week at 
Mute Swan Meeting Point, they were all waiting for me on the bank then followed
me to there feeding point.
As I was along the Towpath ,This Juvenile flew right next to My shoulder 
along side me , It was Amazing and Then the rest decided we not going to 
fly but we shall follow him.
Juvenile Cygnet decides to land but Crash Lands Into a Male Mallard
Creating a big Splash and Bubbles. The duck Concussion but seemed 
fine for a few mins
Male Mute Swans gets his testosterone up chases and starts 
fighting with other Mute Swan's ,This went on for about 1 hour until this 
Male gave up and did the his Love Heart Shape this his Female Partner.
This is the Male Mute Swan Above He has paired up with this Years
Juvenile Cygnet, The Reason the Cygnet has Paired up with a full grown Adult 
is that it will get Experience and will stay together till the Female swan is pure white 
and will not have brood this year. As they start between 2,3 or 4 years old.
The Swan Whisperer Checking the Mute Swans for any Injures that
may need Rescuing but they all look Healthy
Feeding Time at Mute Swan Meeting Point , All the 
Mute Swan's were Powering through The water to be fed.
 Powering Through the Water going to the Feeding Point .

Have A Swantastic Weekend
Best Wishes 
Swan Whisperer

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