Friday, 8 August 2014

SWANWATCH 2014 Sightings

Blog Post 3/21

C =Cygnets 
A = Adults 

63. +5C +2A Wapping Ornamental canal London
64. +2C +2A Valley Leisure Centre Pond 
65. +2C +1A Water Down Canada 
66. +1C +2A Shibdon Pond Blaydon Gates-Head
67. +3C +2A Richmond Park 
68. +7C +2A River Ewe Exe South Bridge 
69. +3C +2A Exceter  
70. +5C +2A Charmouth  
71. +4C +2A Gps no. 5299239721065722
72. +4C +2A Hever Castle Kent
73. +3C +2C First Pullout Highway after jhvc north out of Jackson
74. +4C +2A Ropner Park Stockton Tees 
75. +7C +2A Perranporth Boating Lake 
76. +5C +2A Mill Pond Longstone 
77. +3C +2A Pontecfact Park Lake Wakefield 
78. +6C +2A Lough Ramor County Cavan Ireland
79.+7C +2A Catshill Junction Brawhills 
80. +4C +1A Clayhanger Bridge 
81. +3C +2A Pennington Area of HWT 
82.  +5C +2A lymington Key-haven Reserve 
83. +3C +2A Pembrey Road Llaelli Pond 
84. +5C +1A Middlewich Cheshire 
85. +5C +2A Broken Cross Northwich
86. +3C +2A Davenham Ponds Northwich
87. +2C +1A Sandbach Trent and Mersey Canal 
88. +5C +2A Shropshire Union Canal  
89. +2C +2A Nantwich River Weaver 
 90. +5C +2A Saint-bridge Pond

Meet Sky Looking to the air for Mute Swans Landing at the Swanwatch 
HQ Meeting Point.  

Best Wishes 
Ryan - Swan-Watch Team 
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