Monday, 6 October 2014

A Few of My Latest Photo's of 2014

 A Field-Fare Perched on tree enjoying the Sun light
 They Arrived Last week and Started to Eat the Apples , but not seen 
them since
 Juvinile Mute Swan Takes flight with an Autumn Color background
 I took this one at N.Wales at RSPB Conwy we were waitng for the High
Tide to come in so the waders got pushed in really close. A grass Hoper 
Landed on my hand.
 Does Anyone know what these Small Mammal Prints on found on a small
Taken this Snail on the Great Orme and I like it as the fern 
makes the snail stand out a lot more.
 A Mallard poses for the camera 
Water Vole Project 2014 - Looks Like Water Vole poo
right Color , Right Shape like a tic tac shape. (8) (9) cm 

Will add More Photo's to add very soon 

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