Monday, 3 November 2014

SwanWatch Highlights of My Day A Beautiful Day it was indeed

Impressive Traveler Mute Swan Comes into Land at SwanWatch Hq
Ringed as a cygnet  
26/11/13  R.Severn Bewdley Worcestershire
15/12/13 + 21/02/14 Bewdley
08/08/14 R.Clywd Rhuddlan Denbigshire N.Wales
03/11/2014 SwanWatch HQ Meeting Point Middlewich
04/11/14 Arclid sand quarry nr Sandbach

Frost and Frozen have a Fight , Frost thought it was an Arrival Male 
Trying his Take over his Territory but he soon accepted his own cygnet into the 
6 Mute Swans in Flight 2 Adults and 4 Juvinile Cygnets
Making there Way over the Swanwatch Gathering Point
 We call this a Wedge of a Swans.
I Have Watched Droplet from when she First Hatched out the Egg and Now to taking Flight. Just Amazing to watch. And i will be Filming her over the coming months and following her story more. And it also made me smile i could not reconise her on the bank but when she went on the water i soon knew that was Droplet.

These Are the other two cygnets Anna and Star these stay right away from Frozen/Frost and Luna.
Today as It was my day off work I decided to take a Trip 
over to my special Area which I have Called SwanWatch Hq
Which is On the Trent and Mersey Canal in the Heart of 
Cheshire and Over the Harshest and Coldest Months 
A Special Bird starts to Gather here and thats the Mute Swan and 
Todays Count there was 43 Adults and 7  Cygnets = Total and Highest So far 50 Mutes 
 This is Only Half of the Mute Swans that have arrived .
Shine and Her 3 Cygnets Were down on the canal and Hail who stays on there patch and 
Shine was not very Pleased at all and She but her head right back and Wings Wide open 
and Chased Hail Away.

While I was Photographing the other Swans 
This Cheeky Swan Was thinking of how to
get into my backpack. After that he decided to just come and sit
next to me.

 Thanks for Reading 


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