Thursday, 29 January 2015

Mute swans in Heavy Snow But Spring Appears Once Again...

 Heavy Snow Whiteout on my Morning Walk Snowflakes 
Big as Golf Balls
 Two Mute Swans Taking a Stroll in the Heavy Snow
 Another Angle of the Heavy Snow Blizzard 1
Same Place Heavy Snow Blizzard 2 
 Heavy Snow Covered Everywhere but All Gone Now
 Mute Swan Enjoys the Snow While Standing on Canal Bank
A Mute Swan Covered in Heavy Snow 
 Buds Continue to open Despite the Heavy Snow 
 Stinging Nettles Appear
 Hail Comes Into land at Swanney Gathering Point
Lots of Catkins Tree's Starting appear.

Tree Buds Opening Even More than a Few Days Ago 
 Mute Swan's Began to Mate in the Snow
Wild Garlic popping up Everywhere along the River Banks
 A Male Mute Swan getting his testosterone up for the Breeding Season
 Mute Swan Begins to Drown a Male Mute swan,Luckily the swan
was unhurt and Flew off down on the river.

A Pair of Adults Leave the swannery gathering point 
and head to there breeding nesting ground.

 A Spring Chiff Chaff Perched in a Hawthorne Tree.
Blossom Starting to Appear.
Thank-you for Reading And Looking
Ryan (SW)

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  1. Beautiful Pictures. I especially like the one of the two swans flying. That's fantastic!!! I have a similar blog to this as well were I take pictures of wildlife and post them if anybody is interested. This is a link to it: