Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Filming At The Gathering Point (Photos)

This morning at canal swannery point when I arrived there was 60 Mute swans , the sunrise was beautiful. 

 The Swan Whisperer Selfie With the Flock
Cold weather brings mute swans on canal 01.01.15 - 45. 18.01.15- 87 (highest) today 60.
 Arrived for Filming and the Sun Started to Rise and then Action 
 A Adult Male Mute Swan Slides over the Thick Ice.
A Silhouette of a Juvenile Cygnet 
A Male Cygnet and An Adult Female Photo taken 
on my Ipad.

Hello Down There , Mute Swan looking down on me.

A Macro Close up of A Mute Swan Nail
Droplet In Flight

Wedge of Pink Footed Geese Heading to WWT Martin Mere
A Macro Close up of A Mute Swan's Foot.

Thanks for Reading and Looking
 Best Wishes Ryan(SW)

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