Thursday, 1 January 2015

Swannery Point Count 2015 Day 1

Swannery Gathering Point Day 1 - 2015

Weather Condition Very Windy ,Cloud Warm Breeze Highs 12/13 Degrees 01/01/2015 Swannery Gathering Point 37A 8JVC = 45

I also met To wildlife People Named Findley Wilde and Heather Wilde , It was Great to Finally Met you Both at the Swannery Gathering Point Hope to catch up again very soon.

You can Follow them Both Via Twitter and Follow Findley's Blog.
At the Bottom of the blog is there Twitter and his Blog. 

 I manged to Take a Photo on my Go Pro Hero of me and the few of 
Mute Swans on the canal Bank. It was very cold but so glad I took 
my Hat with me to keep my head warm.
A Juvenile Female is starting to Pair up with an Adult Male , It is very 
Quick I have Witlessness This about 7 Times over the few years. Only one of them has a green Darvic Ring and Hopfully when I get the Infomation on the swan I can see where this has come from.
 There was Only 8 Juvenile Cygnets That I could only see and Count
They are all starting to Turn White and They are slowly to Arrive slowly.
A Beautiful Swan Fly's Very low over my Head as it took off then circled 
round for a bit then landed.
I Started to place the Food in a long Line in the Water and they Began 
to Feed by breathing in and then putting there heads under the water 
they can last up to 7/10 secs 
Emperor Chasing one of the Juvenile Cygnets this Morning  
and I have Noticed that 4 of the Cygnets are his and Tinkerbell's 
as They were sticking by him and doing there contact call to me 
and to the cygnet and adults.
Emperor did Attempt to Kill and Drown one of the Adult swans and the Rest 
of the Adults and Cygnets were Following Which Ive never seen Before. I will add the Photo's of it very soon. 

 Spring is Approaching on my Area and Came across some Beautiful Stunning 
Blossom , no sign of any Bee's, Wasps, or Butterflies 
 Walking along Side the Mute Swans , Filming then taken a Screen Shot 
of them , Filmed it on my Go Pro Hero and my Nikon D5000 Camera.
A Pair of Mute Swan's Begin there Courtship Breeding 
Season .01.01.2015 

Thank-you for looking and Reading
Best Wishes 
Ryan Swan Whisperer  

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