Sunday, 23 August 2015

Swanwatch news updates

        Swan whisperer of Staffordshire @ trentham lakes and gardens last week 

    Sitting with the Juvinile mute swan cygnets as they knew me from really small
    Not many can do this as I've been doing it for 10 yrs and people were taking photos 
    And asking me how I was doing it with the adults not chasing me away. 

    A far photo of me the Swan Whisperer of Staffordshire @trentham lakes with the adult male named Henry       staying close by to his 5 boys. Female named hetty was on the river with other two of her female Juvinile mute swans. 

    Dennis the Male mute cygnet saying more food please he was the alpha male 
    And would not let his 3 brothers feed.

    Droplet has now moved now from west port lake in Stoke , which tells me that droplet has started journey    back to the gathering point in Cheshire. 

    Mute swan gathering point at Trentham lake and gardens in Stoke on Trent. I counted over 50+
    Mute swans there last week. 

    Beauty is the mascot of Swanwatch and will be traveling to each mute swan gathering points across 
    The country from Cheshire,Staffordshire,Lancashire and many many more.

                                                             Best wishes 
                                                Swan Whisperer/Swanwatch 

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  1. Lovely blog - photos and text alike. Beauty is very touching too!