Friday, 2 October 2015

A Quick walk to swan Gathering Point Before I go to Staffordshire

Long time since ive written a Blog post but I'm back and starting to write updates so 
here we go

Went to check on the Mute Swan Gathering Point last Sunday and I was looking 
forward to checking them there for was 8 in that day, So I got my Swanwatch 
Book Out and Started writing down the Numbers on rings.I Noticed that the local 
swan group of Middlewich seems to have moved the swans further up the canal 
Proberly to make me think that there are no swan's about. Well They got that Wrong.
As I walking past I noticed the Middlewich Swan Group Members had not put the Bird Seed down on the bank for swans, if there was it should be Placed in the Water Not on the bank as it can Damage the Mute Swans Beaks and Also I always advise people to feed in the water. 
I Noticed then when i looked into the bush That they been placing the Seed in the Bush. and Noticed from the Photo above that they are feeding the rats.
 I remeber when i was stood recording the swans , and I said to 
one of them I suggest you stop placing the Bird Seed in them Bushes over there 
she turns around and said there not rats there Water Voles.Well I got photo's of this to Prove that they are not water Voles they are Big and Baby and Pregnant Rats. I understand them feeding the Swans but Rats carry disese and if a kid falls over 
and hurts hand its going to get infected and this is on a canal.

A Few Photo's of the Rats that have been Fed, There must be about 50+ 
in  the bushes.

Cheers for Reading 

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