Friday, 5 February 2016

Spring Signs on Nature Patch

Spring Signs on Nature Patch

 Spring Buds Coming to Life
 Greenness of the Nature's Floor becoming more Greener as the days pasts
Horn-Thorn Bushes Begin to Release all there Energy.
 A Snow Goose a Lake at Ettliey Heath in Cheshire
 The Wildness and she smell of the 
garlic start grow through the muddy banks.
 The New Green Reed Shoots are Poping up on my
local nature walks.
Juvinile Female mute Swan Named Darkness , 
starting to Preen her Feathers, Did you know it takes
a year to turn White. 
Grey Heron With Glorious Blue Spring Skies Takes Flight
chasing a Buzzard.
Too another Special Bird that i Love to Photographed
is the Mute Swan.
 Cormorant Enjoying a Beautiful View.
 Below Was A kestrel Hunting prey down in the long Grass 
 Snow Drops starting to appear all over the place
 A stunning Crocus Begins to open Love the colors brightens the 
photo up
A Wasp Striping Wood from a Fence.

 Best Wishes 

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  1. Stunning and an amazing Photos keep up the amazing work you have been doing, Love see your Swan photos on your Blog Will have to show you some of my Photos some point im up Scotland at the moment . Excellent As always. Lucas