Saturday, 30 April 2016

Bank Holiday weekend Fun quiz


Q1.A Swan has 25,000 Feathers?
True Or False 

Q2.How fast can a Mute swan fly in 
Just one day 
A.5MPH B. 10MPH C.50MPH  

Q3.How many Weeks does it take for a swans 
feather to Molt?

Q4.What is the breeding age of a mute swan
A.1-2 B.3-4 C.5-6 

Q5. What is the Differnce between a Mute swan 
and A Whooper swan?

Q6. Name Five ways of Identifying male and female
Mute swans (No rude ones Please)

Q7. How many days does it take for a baby cygnet to become 

Q8.Are Mute Swans Intelligent If so Why are they ?

Q9. When does the male and female molt there feathers meaning which

Q10. What is the Meaning of BTO and what do they do ?

Please post your Answers in the comment box. 
I will leave till Monday evening till i post and write up the answer on 
same post

Best Wishes 

Swanwatch Ryan


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