Thursday, 26 February 2015

A Swan Teaches the Juvinile Courtship

Mute Swan Adult Named Solo Teach's the Juvenile Cygnets Basic of How to Attract there Mate/Courtship

 Solo Mated Melody on 23/02/2015

26 in This Morning!

 Melody (F) And Solo (M) Paired Up
A 2nd year Juvenile and an Adult 3rd Year Male doing a Courtship 

SwanWatch Fact:-
1/10 Mute Swans Can Have a Divorce. #SWANWATCH 
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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

GuestBlog By my Brother, A Cool Find Down by the River

While walking along the canal the other morning to see if there the Swans or Grebes had returned to the lake. Something caught my eye at the side of the canal where the old vegetation had died back revealing a Swan skeleton which I think was from 2014. Last summer a yearling died after fighting with the local pair which at that time was Flash and Snow, it started as a territory dispute although sad it's natural behavior. I have seen some people locally break up these fights by hitting the attacking swan. I think that's wrong and as it's a natural event I don't believe we should step in but if one of the Swans was pushed onto a road by the attacking swan then humans should step in. I remember seeing the Swans body floating on the canal and then it disappeared. I'm guessing somebody took the bird out of the water and placed it in the thick vegetation to rot away naturally.
The skull is an unusual find due to the condition as it's very fragile due to high light the bones are. We only took the skull and left the rest of the Swan as it will be great for future talks and showing people as I am sure there are not many people who have seen a Mute Swan skull.
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Ryan (SW)

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Solo has Found '' Love Match ''!!

 Solo and His Mate to Be Today!
Courtship Taking Place Female Sia Cygnet With Spruce
Normally dont mate Until they are 3/4 yrs old.

Sia Takes Flight away from a Canal Boat.


Tuesday, 17 February 2015


 Went over to the Swannery Gathering Point this Morning 
 There was only 24 Mute Swans.

 Jason Gardiner - Photographed Pair of Adult Mutes Mating at Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk.

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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Swan Update

 QUASIMODO:-Ive Been Watching and following this cygnet 
since it hatched out of the egg. and it was already checked by RSPCA in 2014
 QUASIMODO:- Ive Been Watching and following this cygnet 
since it hatched out of the egg. It was already checked by RSPCA in 2014

 CESAR:- Flying and Chasing Three Other Swans on the Frozen 
Ice on the canal
HECTOR, LILLY, SIBERIA:-  All Three Landed and went
sliding onto the ice But Cesar was Not happy and Not having , The photo is above of him.

 Even Emperor and Cleopatra have Moved back to there breeding area on the canal
With Leo and Julia, Was Nice to See then moving on from the Swannery Gathering Point.

More to Be Added Soon 
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Ryan (SW)