Friday, 20 May 2016

Rare to see

OMG RARE How do i say this well father and 2nd year daughter they mated did lay eggs and there are Cygnets which have Hatched ‪‎swanwatch‬ .so the answer yes they can breed at 2 years old and yes it does sound wrong father and daughter raise family together
photo credit:- Benita King
@ Queens park Crewe Cheshire

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

a couple of photos from my 10.7 mile walk

 A Mute Swan Named Boris, Hes very territorial as his mate lily is 
currently incubating her brood on the towpath at Nantwich. As you can 
also tell he is also molting his Feathers.
A Cute 4 days old baby fluffy cygnet having a ride on his mums back 
, its was Chucking it down with Rain Happy with the photos.

Which way Should I go So i thought Id Step onto the Llangollen 
canal so walked up to Bridge one.
me on the llangollen canal
Mandarin Duck on the river weaver in the Rain  
Male Mute swan on the canal Towpath

Best Wishes  


Saturday, 30 April 2016

Bank Holiday weekend Fun quiz


Q1.A Swan has 25,000 Feathers?
True Or False 

Q2.How fast can a Mute swan fly in 
Just one day 
A.5MPH B. 10MPH C.50MPH  

Q3.How many Weeks does it take for a swans 
feather to Molt?

Q4.What is the breeding age of a mute swan
A.1-2 B.3-4 C.5-6 

Q5. What is the Differnce between a Mute swan 
and A Whooper swan?

Q6. Name Five ways of Identifying male and female
Mute swans (No rude ones Please)

Q7. How many days does it take for a baby cygnet to become 

Q8.Are Mute Swans Intelligent If so Why are they ?

Q9. When does the male and female molt there feathers meaning which

Q10. What is the Meaning of BTO and what do they do ?

Please post your Answers in the comment box. 
I will leave till Monday evening till i post and write up the answer on 
same post

Best Wishes 

Swanwatch Ryan


Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Down by the Pond the Mammals are active

 Wood Mouse or a long tailed Field Mouse 
eating the Bread in the ivy.
There was 19+ baby ones running around same size as a 2p coin
exploring so i  had to put some Bread in the ivy.
Then they all Hurled together on the next photo you can see 

 Best wishes 



Thursday, 10 March 2016


Young Daisey comes into land at mute swan meeting Point in The Heart of Cheshire 

 Male Mute swan Looking for Nest Materials. 

Mute Swan Nestwatch is under way with swans
now starting to Build and Breed to Raise up
cygnets this 2016.

All the Adult Breeding Paired Mute Swans
are now Starting to leave there winter and 
autumn gathering Points for Breeding season 2016.

Mute Swan Male Named Solo Loves having Photos 
taken heres a few photos taken from
our equipment called a Go Pro.

3 Step by Step Guide of a Mute Swan Courtship.
 A Beautiful Female at the gathering area today, have a 
a nap. 

Best Wishes 
Swanwatch News 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

SWANWATCH NEWS In photo form

Mute Swans doing Courtship ritual and Sherlock and Poppy have Successfully Mated!!!!