Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Swanwatch News 31/03/2015 :- Go Pro Hero Next to Mute Swan Nest

SWANWATCH NEWS:- 31/03/2015! - Placed my Go Pro Hero Next to Mute Swan Nest Female Aurora And Rhino update she layed 3 so far.

Rhino Heads toward His nest as it began to Rain Heavy.

Aurora Sitting on the Nest to Protect her eggs switches over from Rhino keeping them dry.
Rhino male Mute Swan Came and Sat With me to keep me company Very Curious but showing no aggression.

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 Best Wishes Ryan (SW)

Got my Swan-Whisper Swan Selfie this Afternoon on filming nest
 Rhino and Aurora came over and sat with me.

Monday, 30 March 2015


 Barbarossa Chasing a Canada Goose light was Pretty Poor so that 
a good Photo.
 Quasimodo (Female) Stood next to Bella (Female) 
Both 2nd Yr old.
 Snow Returns and Begins to Build Nest Along
 Side Barbarossa.
 Snow Comes over to say Hello and Does a Accepting Call to Watch 
and Film Cygnets
Mute Swan Gathering Point with a First for my area a Ruddy Shelduck Closer Photo Bellow.
Ruddy Shelduck Stayed for 3 days.
 Two for One In Photo Great Crested Grebe on Nest and 
Barbarossa A Male Mute Swan. 3 Years Old.
 Sherlock A Male Mute Swans Flying Over to His Mate and Nest Site

Spring and Blossom Left last Thursday and have left
 to build there Nest. Hoping to Find them Soon


Monday, 23 March 2015

Juviniles Learn Quick for Courtship with more pairs Mating.

Spring and Blossom Successfully mated 
Juvenile mute swans testing there body strengths on each other.  
Barbarossa and Knightly Mating  

 Barbarossa and Knightly have started to Build Nest.

Short post
Will Update tomorrow 
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Ryan (SW)


Thursday, 19 March 2015

Swanwatch news Update

 Solo Jumps on and starts to mate the 2nd Year 
Juvenile Mute Swan.
 Juvenile Mute Swans Flying in and out all Morning 
at the gathering Point this Morning
 Solo and a 2nd Year Juvenile Cygnet about to 
do Courtship.
 Juvenile Mute Swans Flying in and out all Morning 
at the gathering Point
Easily Identified Droplet, Watched this male Swan when he hatched out
of the Egg, Seems like ages ago.
Found Gweneve and Aurthur Sun bathing in the Sunshine 
this mid morning. 
 Out of the Mist fly's in a 2nd yr Female Juvenile
mute swan named Shaye.

No Sign of Barbarossa or his mate Knightly today.


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Swanwatch Update

 I said one word to hail - Fly , what does he do Responds to it and Fly's further down the canal
 Mystery Mute Swan Confirmed and Identified to be Sherlock
 Numbers seem to be going up with 26 in the swan gathering Point this Morning
 Mute Swan Hail's Perfect Reflection
Two Mute Swans Move into the lake Barbarossa and Knightly. Both been in the Reeds moving them about. 

Snap and Solo are getting to know each other , every time I walked past her she does and hello i recognize you call.

 Best Wishes 

Friday, 6 March 2015


Sleet and Snow are on back on canal, no sign of building, Rhino and Aureola also returned to canal. Aqua & Indigo built nest and Been Preening Together in the Spring Sunshine while on my 14 mile walk home from Work.

Best Wishes 
Ryan (SW)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Spring Has Sprung and SwanWatch Update

 Frogspawn down by the local Pond
 Green Buds come to life
 Saw a bee Worker come out of a Hole under some sticks.
 A Great Crested Grebe Chasing an Arrival Pair.
 Catkins (Known as Lambs Tails )
 Patch Returned this is Droplet's and Crackle's Brother.
Autumn/Winter Swannery canal Gathering Point
The colors of the Traffic Light in the Background.
 Droplet Jumps onto the Bank
 Quasimodo has now Left to Molt his Feathers
 Saw Hail Adult Male Mute Swan flying towards me , so I stood up whistled and He looked down and saw me and he Landed
 Brothers Crankle and Droplet Have been Fighting this Morning
Two Juvenile Mute Swans Pairing up.
This Head Turning and staring is not Fully Understood but probably has 
something to do with Identification. As Each Black area around the
Nostrils are Unique.
HawThorn Bushes starting to Unroll the beautiful green
Chris the Male Mute Swan Came back Yesterday , But was not arrived 
this Morning.
 Solo is Still Waiting to find his Mate , Melody seems to have left 
possible that she is getting ready to Produce eggs , then Solo will join,

Best Wishes