Sunday, 28 June 2015

Bit of Adding up to do!

 A family of 7 cygnets With Two adult Mute Swans Called Neptune and Pluto over at Northwich taken today on my Phone.
Daisey and Duke the farm Swans just the Edge of Middlewich 
Now currently have 3 Cygnets who are 5/6 weeks old.
They all Left Middle May, When will they Return Well Only two months till 
they start to come Back.

Ive Worked out that Over 11,372 Adult Mute Swans have had Successfully Broods. Still more to be added.

So far Now Ive Collected over 5,686 Cygnet Sighting which is very Impressive. With Sightings Still continue to be sent in and Mute Swans Still incubating Eggs. Do they know its going to be a Late Summer. 

Best Wishes 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Finally Photos of Cygnets...

A couple of Photos from my Filming session this morning as I have no transport toget into work.As dad's is broken. So I decided to go Check out and find some cygnets to Photo and Film. So Brother says to me shall I bring 
a Umbrella , so I just said  up to you. So headed off for a long walk.
It went all misty on the surface of the canal. 

After Being away from home for two weeks , We saw Aurthur and Gweneve
on the canal and they came over to say hello, she is 6 years old and ringed at Tatton Parkin Knusford which is not from where we find her, For Aurthur im not to sure as ive not photographed his Sliver Bto ring , Will ask brother to see if he has a photo of the ring, which then i will be able to send off to my contact.

Walked around the corner and Came across Aurora And wondered
why she was staying back with no Male. look further and Neptune another female with 7 Cygnets were about too staying also back. Then we Noticed Zeus alongside Prometheus spinning around back and forwards.    

 Photo Above of Aurora.
A Baby Cygnets Looks up at me to pose for the camera.
7/9 Fab Cygnets all doing Well and Growing  Quick, Tap Tap Anybody in
There. Filming them in the Heavy Rain
Two Baby Cygnets They seem to Love Wheatibix which some went on the back of one of the cygnets. Shame the Buttercups were in he Way.

 Best Wishes 

SwanWatch Ryan