Friday, 20 May 2016

Rare to see

OMG RARE How do i say this well father and 2nd year daughter they mated did lay eggs and there are Cygnets which have Hatched ‪‎swanwatch‬ .so the answer yes they can breed at 2 years old and yes it does sound wrong father and daughter raise family together
photo credit:- Benita King
@ Queens park Crewe Cheshire

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

a couple of photos from my 10.7 mile walk

 A Mute Swan Named Boris, Hes very territorial as his mate lily is 
currently incubating her brood on the towpath at Nantwich. As you can 
also tell he is also molting his Feathers.
A Cute 4 days old baby fluffy cygnet having a ride on his mums back 
, its was Chucking it down with Rain Happy with the photos.

Which way Should I go So i thought Id Step onto the Llangollen 
canal so walked up to Bridge one.
me on the llangollen canal
Mandarin Duck on the river weaver in the Rain  
Male Mute swan on the canal Towpath

Best Wishes