Friday, 17 January 2014

A New Mute Swan Family SwanWatch Update

Weather - Spring has Sprung
Mild , Blue Sky,warm, with Sunshine

Hail Who has Born in 2012 was Flash Son , but he has returned on the
canal just about where Flash and Snow are. So I kept my eyes on them and 
I stayed for about 1/2 Hours and This is what I saw and Wrote Down 
  • Hail Heads Towards the reeds and starts to Build nest.
  • An Arrival Female Mute Swan Lands as We have named her Storm
    • Hail was always in between the female named sleet and Storm
  • Hail kept going towards the Arrival Female and then went to sleep but couldn't make this mind which female to choose.
  • Hail, Sleet and Storm would then ignore each other and would feed on the grass on the canal.
  •  Hail's and Storm's Wings Wide Open and chasing Sleet a way and then they did contact call, And then Love heart.
  • But now Hail is on this own as Sleet and Storm have gone off , i think they have headed up to the Mute Swan Meeting Point.
 This Photo Show's Hail Flash's Son from 2012 Building his Nest for
the Breeding Season 2014.

More Update's Coming Soon 

Best Wishes
 Swan Whisperer

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The Swan Whisperer to The Rescue

The Swan whisperer been on a rescue mission female mute swan that went onto the road by 2 arrival Swans were defending territory. All good no injures successful release above the lock , Partner has returned back to her and has been Bonding and Courtship and has been building her Nest this evening by pulling reeds out.
Best Wishes 
Swan Whisperer

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Flash And Snow Start to defend There Territory as Spring Arrives!!

Swanwatch 2014 (All year Round)

A Side Angle Flash The Male Mute Using his Speed, Power to chance Arrival Pairs
of Mute Swans On this Patch/Territory.
A Full Front Photo of Flash Male Mute using this Power and Speed
to Create Waves on the Waters Surface.

 Snow Comes Behind Flash to Back him up creating Larger Waves 
on the Waters Surface.
Flash and And Snow Working as a Team to corner the Juvinile Mute Swans
That landed in there Territory

Best Wishes 
Swan Whisperer

Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Swan Whisperer Bonding/Working with Mute Swans

The Swan Whisperer Bonding/Working with Mute Swans

Good Evening Everyone as you may not know I love watching Mute Swans 
ever since I was 17 years old and there is plenty of things that people do
not know about swans . I have been working and Bonding with them 
everyday in the Morning and they are such Beautiful Birds as they come 
and sit next to you.
The Swan Whisperer and his fellow Mute Swan friends at Mute Swan Meeting Point
on the canal.
Mute Swans Come over to see what the Swan Whisperer has got for them 
for there Feeding time. They all came flying over to me as I was heading to them all.
The Swan Whisperer Feeding the Mute swans by hand at Mute swan 
meeting Point. Plenty of Activity there at the momment with male and female
Mute Swans Pairing up and Also Mating and doing there Courtship.
The Swan Whisperer looks after all the Mute Swans on his patch 
they are his friends on water . They are really Graceful on the Water
and they really do make you fall asleep when mointeering them on 
the bank. Flash loves the Camera and posing as you can see in the 
photo above.
  The Swan Whisperer With Flash a Male Mute Swan
16 years old that has been around on my patch and canal
since 2005. Last year Flash and his new Partner snow 
didn't have a very succuessful Clutch of eggs they all  
hatched and looked healthy they were looking good for a 
few days but then suddenly died. Hoping that 2014 will be 
the year of a Successful Brood.  
This photo Shows one this years Cygnets pairing up with an 
Adult Male Mute Swan
The Swan Whisperer Having his Photograph Taken with his Friends
on Water Snow on the Left and Flash on the Right. Everyone morning I
whistle over to them and they look up straight Away and then come swimming from 
the other side of the lake where they live and build there nest.
The Swan Whisperer and Snow the Female Mute Swan 
on the Canal While Flash the male Mute Swan was 
pecking at the camera telling me to give them more food . It was Amazing how 
close that I could get as Snow came in  December 2012

Best Wishes The 
Swan Whisperer

Mute Swan Meeting Point - Swan Whisperer and Swans

Mute Swan Meeting Point - Swan Whisperer and Swans

The Swan Whisperer has been very Busy Feeding the Mute swans this week at 
Mute Swan Meeting Point, they were all waiting for me on the bank then followed
me to there feeding point.
As I was along the Towpath ,This Juvenile flew right next to My shoulder 
along side me , It was Amazing and Then the rest decided we not going to 
fly but we shall follow him.
Juvenile Cygnet decides to land but Crash Lands Into a Male Mallard
Creating a big Splash and Bubbles. The duck Concussion but seemed 
fine for a few mins
Male Mute Swans gets his testosterone up chases and starts 
fighting with other Mute Swan's ,This went on for about 1 hour until this 
Male gave up and did the his Love Heart Shape this his Female Partner.
This is the Male Mute Swan Above He has paired up with this Years
Juvenile Cygnet, The Reason the Cygnet has Paired up with a full grown Adult 
is that it will get Experience and will stay together till the Female swan is pure white 
and will not have brood this year. As they start between 2,3 or 4 years old.
The Swan Whisperer Checking the Mute Swans for any Injures that
may need Rescuing but they all look Healthy
Feeding Time at Mute Swan Meeting Point , All the 
Mute Swan's were Powering through The water to be fed.
 Powering Through the Water going to the Feeding Point .

Have A Swantastic Weekend
Best Wishes 
Swan Whisperer