Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Down by the Pond the Mammals are active

 Wood Mouse or a long tailed Field Mouse 
eating the Bread in the ivy.
There was 19+ baby ones running around same size as a 2p coin
exploring so i  had to put some Bread in the ivy.
Then they all Hurled together on the next photo you can see 

 Best wishes 



Thursday, 10 March 2016


Young Daisey comes into land at mute swan meeting Point in The Heart of Cheshire 

 Male Mute swan Looking for Nest Materials. 

Mute Swan Nestwatch is under way with swans
now starting to Build and Breed to Raise up
cygnets this 2016.

All the Adult Breeding Paired Mute Swans
are now Starting to leave there winter and 
autumn gathering Points for Breeding season 2016.

Mute Swan Male Named Solo Loves having Photos 
taken heres a few photos taken from
our equipment called a Go Pro.

3 Step by Step Guide of a Mute Swan Courtship.
 A Beautiful Female at the gathering area today, have a 
a nap. 

Best Wishes 
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