Friday, 17 January 2014

A New Mute Swan Family SwanWatch Update

Weather - Spring has Sprung
Mild , Blue Sky,warm, with Sunshine

Hail Who has Born in 2012 was Flash Son , but he has returned on the
canal just about where Flash and Snow are. So I kept my eyes on them and 
I stayed for about 1/2 Hours and This is what I saw and Wrote Down 
  • Hail Heads Towards the reeds and starts to Build nest.
  • An Arrival Female Mute Swan Lands as We have named her Storm
    • Hail was always in between the female named sleet and Storm
  • Hail kept going towards the Arrival Female and then went to sleep but couldn't make this mind which female to choose.
  • Hail, Sleet and Storm would then ignore each other and would feed on the grass on the canal.
  •  Hail's and Storm's Wings Wide Open and chasing Sleet a way and then they did contact call, And then Love heart.
  • But now Hail is on this own as Sleet and Storm have gone off , i think they have headed up to the Mute Swan Meeting Point.
 This Photo Show's Hail Flash's Son from 2012 Building his Nest for
the Breeding Season 2014.

More Update's Coming Soon 

Best Wishes
 Swan Whisperer

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