Sunday, 16 February 2014

Official Signs for Spring On Your Patch and Area 2014

Official Signs for Spring On Your Patch and Area 2014

Any Signs Of Spring on your Patch Send Us Email with what you have Spotted, Your Name , Location Going to do Blog.
Ask your Friends Family to send us an email and we will add them to our new Official Signs for Spring 2014  Blog Post.

Date-16 Feb 2014.
1. Name - Jude Russon.
Has Spotted  - Wasp spotted in her garden.
 Also spotted a Fly in her garden.
 Location - Tamworth, Staffordshire. 
Follow On Twitter - @Stormjar 
Photographed by Jude Russon 
Date-16 Feb 2014.
2. Name - Sue Ware
Has Spotted  - her first peacock butterfly flying in the sunshine.
Also Sue Found That When she got home saw a Bumble bee on the brickwork outside her house
Location Bumble Bee - Thrapston Northants.
Location Butterfly -Pitsford Reservoir, Northants.

Follow On Twitter - @Myzvix

Both Photo's were Taken By Sue Ware

Monday 17th February 2014
Name - Dave Culley 
Has Spotted - Mute Swans Returned
and building Nest where they nested last year
 Location- Northwich Sparrowhawk Island
 Follow On Twitter - @dave_culley
Watch Sparrow Hawk Island Live Webcam

Best Wishes Ryan

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