Saturday, 11 July 2015

An Update on Flash and Whisper and there Cygnets

3 Months Old and there Growing Flash and Whisper and With Teenage Cygnets now Named Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

 Flash and Whisper Patrolling the river this Morning with there Family of 
4 Teenage Cygnets Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter. and here they are bellow 

4 Teenage Cygnets Named Spring,Summer,Autumn 
and Winter.

One of the 3 month Cygnets Coming  onto the bank
for Preening Time.

 A friend on Water Who Still know's who me and my brother
are. I sat with the family while my brother was filming Brown

Here's Me the Swan Whisperer of Middlewich/Cheshire 
are Keep an Eye on the cygnets and Also Flash 
and Whisper.

An Autumnal Background Mute Swan Named 

My Brother had His GoPro and Placed the camera 
next to the cygnets and this is what he got;
Flash takes the lead and the one cygnet follows 
Cygnet gets Curious about the strange Camera near the 
water's Edge. 

Thank-you for Reading the
Swanwatch News.

Next Post:- My trip over to the West-Port lake.



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