Saturday, 14 December 2013

Swan Rescuing and Swan Ringing 2013

Hey Everyone

This Blog Post will be for people who have rescued Swans/Cygnets /Ringing and Holding Juv adult Swans or if anyone has Got any Mute Swan Photos they would like to share with anyone.

if you have any photo's and would like to share them 

sent them to our new email at 

 Ryan Mottram the swan-man/swan-whisper - Rescuing a Juvenile
Cygnet that got Attacked by Local Swans.
Evie Miller caught this Juvenile Cygnet whilst out 
Out ringing with the BTO this Morning 

Wildlife Rescue By RSPCA Officers:

 RSPCA Officer John Little-Wood Rescued A Female
Mute Swan with a Crooked Neck with Poor Tail Feathers at Middlewich
Cheshire on the Shropshire Union Canal.

Best Wishes 
Swan-whisper /Swan-man

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